How to delete old WhatsApp messages for everyone?

When ‘delete for everyone’ option are no longer available.

You accidentally sent a wrong msg to a wrong group or person.

You want to delete it but its already way past the ‘delete for everyone’ time and the option is not available anymore.

delete for everyone in WhatsApp
‘Delete for everyone’ option.

‘Delete for everyone’ option only available within 1 hour after you sent out your msg.

After that, the option will be disappear and you can only choose ‘Delete for me’.

So, how to deal with that?

In this post, we’ll go through step by step on how to delete old WhatsApp messages for everyone.

Step by step: How to delete old WhatsApp messages for everyone

This method will not be found inside WhatsApp official site. There’s nothing wrong with that, but still, do it at your own risk.

One more thing, this method will not work if the messages has been sent more that 24 hours.

1Confirm the message time

Open your WhatsApp and check what time the messages has been sent out.

You need to know this as references when adjusting the phone time later.

2Switch off phone data / wifi connection

Cut off any internet connection. Turn off your phone and also wifi connection.

On most phone, this can be done easily by swiping down from the top edge of the screen to reveal the setting menu, then tapping on the wifi and data icon to switch it off.

3Force stop WhatsApp Application

Close your WhatsApp. You have to completely shut off the WhatsApp apps including its background activity.

It can be done by ‘force stop’ it.

force stop the whatsapp application

Depending on your phone brand / model, you can ‘force stop’ WhatsApp by visiting: Setting > Apps & Notification > Apps.

Once you there, you’ll find a bunch of running apps list. Find WhatsApp among them and tap on it.

Then, tap on the ‘FORCE STOP’ button to completely stop the WhatsApp.

4Set ‘Date & time’ based on message time

Next, you need to adjust your phone ‘date & time’ manually based on the message time that you want to delete for everyone.

For example, you sent out that message on 01:00. You can adjust your phone time manually to 01:10.

The ‘Delete for everyone’ option will disappear after 60 minutes marks, so set your time before that.

You can adjust your phone time manually by visiting the Setting > System > Date & Time.

untick set date and time automatically
Untick / disable the ‘Automatic date & time’.

Untick / disable the ‘Automatic date & time’ function and set your phone time accordingly.

5Delete your WhatsApp message

Do not switch on your internet yet.

Open your WhatsApp, find the message you want to delete, tap and hold until highlighted.

Find the trash bin icon (delete menu) at the top of your screen, tap on it.

There supposed to be 3 option available including the ‘Delete for everyone’.

Choose ‘Delete for everyone’ to delete the message for everyone.

6Force Stop WhatsApp again

You have to ‘force stop’ the WhatsApp again by repeating the same step as explained in step no 3 above.

7Switch on data / wifi connection

You can now switch on back your data / wifi for internet connection.

8Set ‘Date & time’ back to normal

The next thing you should do is to set the ‘Date & time’ of your phone back to normal.

You can easily do this by visiting the Setting > System > Date & Time and then tick on the ‘Automatic date & time’ box function.

9Start WhatsApp and let the magic happen

The last step is to open your WhatsApp and let it do the work.

The same action will also be done on WhatsApp server and also on any phone that receive your message.

If you follow above step on how to delete old whatsapp messages for everyone carefully, you should be able to delete your message.

‘This message was deleted’.
‘This message was deleted’

The deleted message should be appear as ‘This message was deleted’.

If this method work, help others by sharing it.

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