8 tips on how to make android internet faster

If you have problem with slow internet connection on your phone.

Tired of inconsistent internet speed on you phone?

This post is created to help you to deal with that problem.

There are several tips here on how to make android internet faster and you can apply that right away.

Hope this will help.

How to make android internet faster

Try each of the tips below.

We guaranteed that it will, at least make your internet a little bit faster than before.

1Clear cache on apps

First, you need to clear cache for any app installed on your phone.

Especially those apps that require or use internet connection.

What is cache?

Cache is actually a temporary storage location that store data, files and everything.

It supposed to make loading of any apps faster, because some of the files needed already stored locally as cache.

But overtime, this cache become bigger and bigger. It eat up space on your phone and make less space for your phone to operate comfortably.

Thus technically will also affect your phone performance including the interned speed.

So how to clear apps cache?

You can do that by visiting the: Setting > Apps > Apps

All apps installed on your phone will be listed here.

Choose your most used apps first. Might be your browser, facebook, games and etc.

Tap on it to view its individual display.

Tap on the ‘Storage’

storage option in app info display
Storage option in app info display.

Then under ‘Storage’ display, there will be a button for ‘Clear cache’.

clear cache button
Clear cache button.

Tap on that button to clear cache.

Repeat on your other apps.

2Specify your internet speed: 3G, 4G or 5G

If your internet connection or internet speed always changing set it to static.

This thing usually happen when you’re in area with unstable connection, rural area.

Your signal constantly changing from E, H+ to 4G, depending which connection is stronger at that time.

If this happen to you, then you can change the default setting, which is ‘automatic’ to one that appeared most of the time on your phone.

For example, usually your signal is H+, but sometimes you can get 4G and sometimes it can also goes down to E.

To make your internet connection constant, choose H+ on your setting.

You can do this by visiting the: Setting > Wireless & network > Mobile network > Preferred network mode.

You can also force the higher connection (4G) and see if your phone can maintain that signal all the time.

3Remove unused widget and apps

What is widget on your phone?

Widget is an extension of application installed on our phone that can be interactive or do certain function.

Widget usually placed on home screen.

For example weather widget, clock, sticky note, google news and etc.

Most of the widget like the weather forecast and google news require internet connection.

It will use a portion of your internet and overall will slow down your internet connection.

The more widget we use, the slower our internet goes.

So, maybe you should reconsider about using it.

If that widget is not important, you can remove it.

It can be removed by long press / long tap on the widget till the trash bin icon appear, then drag the widget to that icon to remove it.

4Use internet booster apps

If you don’t mind, you can also try using internet booster apps.

This type of apps work by optimizing everything to ensure you get to optimum speed from your current internet connection.

Things like DNS and fastest routes for your data packets when traveling the internet.

You might find a lot of this apps in the Apps store. Here some list you can use:

5Use faster browser

If we want fastest speed while browsing the internet we need to use the fastest browser.

how to make android internet faster by using lynket browser
Lynket browser.

Based on the recent recommendation from androidauthority.com, current list of fastest browser are:

You might want to try either one of these.

While browser like Chrome is popular, but is not the best in term of speed.

6Reset your internet connection

Sometimes our internet speed become slow due to connection disturbance between our phone and the cell tower.

This thing usually happen to ‘old phone’, phone with small memory (RAM) or if you havent switch off / restart your phone for a long period of time.

To solve this problem you just need to reset your internet connection by:

  • Switch off your phone then switch it on back or
  • Activate your phone airplane mode for a while

7Force stop background activities of unused apps

If we always move between apps, any app that previously open will continue to run at the background.

It was programmed that way for our convenience switching from one apps to another.

But that convenience will cost us our phone performance, especially phone with ‘normal’ to small size of RAM.

Too much of this will cause our overall phone performance including our phone internet speed become slow.

So, to maintain our phone internet speed at optimum condition, we need to close all unused apps.

We can close any apps quickly by pressing the ‘square’ icon at the home screen to reveal all the running apps in the background.

how to make android internet faster by closing all background activity
Square menu at home screen.

Then closing the app by dragging it away.

You can also completely close any apps by using the force stop button.

Go to the Setting > Apps & Notification > Apps.

Find the apps you want to close from the list, tap on it to reveal its individual display, then tap on the ‘force close’ button.

There is another easy method, by using an apps.

You can try this apps to force close any apps: Task Killer

task killer apps to stop all apps completely
Task killer app.

8Factory reset

Last resort on how to make android internet faster.

If your phone internet speed still slow, it might also due to your phone system already cluttered.

Especially if you been using the same phone for many years.

The most easiest may to restore your phone prime condition is by doing factory reset.

To do factory reset you can go to Setting > System > Reset > Reset phone / factory reset

So, is any of the tips above working for you?

If you happen to know any tips on how to make android internet faster that is not listed here, feel free to drop it on the comment section below.

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